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Buy Juliette Barnes’s Nashville Home for $2.1m

Want to live like a country music star?

Well, a fictional country music star, that is.

Now you can do your best impression of Hayden Panettiere’s Nashville character, Juliette Barnes, from the very home the country crooner struts around in week after week on the show.

The 5,325-square-foot property located in—you guessed it!—Nashville is on the market for a $2.1 million dollars.

Fans of the show are no doubt familiar with the spacious living room the sassy singer often shoots scenes in, as well as the pool the broody Barnes often spends time gazing at through large floor-to-ceiling windows.

But even the most avid Nashville watcher is most likely unfamiliar with the abode’s other perks, which include four bedrooms and a whopping eight bathrooms.

And the show isn’t the home’s only claim to fame. A+D Museum cofounder Stephen Kramer designed the modern mansion, which was built back in 2008.

So, what if the new owner of the home refuses to let the show continue filming at the property? Show producers recreated the Belle Meade neighborhood property of Connie Britton’s character, Rayna James when it sold last year for $19.5 million, so we’re guessing Barnes won’t end up homeless any time soon.

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Hayden & Jay Hernandez Kiss Off-Screen?

Nashville co-stars Hayden Panetierre and Jay Hernandez reportedly had a hot off-screen relationship on the set of their show this spring, despite the fact that she was months away from getting engaged to boxer boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko, and Hernandez is married. Their undercover flirtation is exposed for the first time in this week’s issue of Star magazine.

While on set this past spring, the on-screen duo frequently “held hands and one of them almost always had their arm around the other,” a source tells the mag. “Hayden never let Jay out of her sight.”

And even though Hernandez is married, to actress Daniella Deutscher, and Panetierre was dating now-fiancè Klitschko, they had no problem flaunting their relationship, says the source. (Reps for Hernandez and Panettiere denied any off-screen attraction.)

“Most days, Jay would be done shooting his scenes hours before Hayden,” the source claims. “But instead of going home, he’d wait for her and they’d leave together in her car.”

In mid-April, for example, an eyewitness spotted them leaving in the same vehicle. Says the insider, “They openly kissed before driving off together.”

Because of such displays, says the insider, “Everyone knew about it. … Hayden was not discreet at all.”

Pressure to have a ‘healthy, normal’ body

Since her 2006 breakout role as the teen cheerleader on NBC’s “Heroes,” Hayden Panettiere, 24,  has been widely praised for her fit figure and curves. But in Hollywood, it seems even the quest to portray a “healthy” physique doesn’t come without stress.

“There is a lot of pressure that comes with it, but there’s also the pressure to be a good role model for women and have a normal, healthy body,” Panettiere told FOX411 while promoting her involvement in the Celebrity Denim Auction for Blue Jean Go Green. “But I love being my height and size, and representing a normal girl and a different body type.”

Now, the actress is getting the chance to really exercise her musical chops alongside Connie Britten in the hit ABC series “Nashville.” She said being a country music singer was one of her asipirations long before she hit Hollywood.

“I have always been a fan of country music, in fact I would have loved to do country music and sing country music earlier, but I was afraid being from New York that people wouldn’t be able to make that connection and think I was trying to be somebody that I wasn’t,” Panettiere continued. “But I have also taken a lot of my character from myself, my own personal life. No, I didn’t grow up in the country music industry or music industry, but I grew up a young female in the spotlight with a lot of the same stresses. A lot of the same pressures and dramas, and I definitely pulled a lot from my own life experience.”

The star is also lending her voice – and her jeans – to the environment initiative The Blue Jeans Go Green, a unique auction designed to raise awareness about textile recycling. The auction has up for grabs 13 pairs of denim jeans, each autographed by its celebrity owner, including Britney Spears, Heidi Klum, Adriana Lima and Ryan Phillippe. Like traditional auctions, the highest bidder wins the item, but the bids are in denim, not dollars.

“You can donate the jeans you don’t want anymore and they turn them into insulation for your home,” Panettiere enthused. “Instead of having toxic fiberglass in your home, you have recycled denim that (would otherwise be) in a landfill overflowing somewhere.”

And whether its wide leg, skinny, boot let or flair, apparently, your house will wear them all.

Photo Gallery Update

We have added a bunch of photos to the gallery, including episode stills from the upcoming season of Nashville, some new candids including Hayden at the beach with her friends in Miami…