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Buy Juliette Barnes’s Nashville Home for $2.1m

Want to live like a country music star?

Well, a fictional country music star, that is.

Now you can do your best impression of Hayden Panettiere’s Nashville character, Juliette Barnes, from the very home the country crooner struts around in week after week on the show.

The 5,325-square-foot property located in—you guessed it!—Nashville is on the market for a $2.1 million dollars.

Fans of the show are no doubt familiar with the spacious living room the sassy singer often shoots scenes in, as well as the pool the broody Barnes often spends time gazing at through large floor-to-ceiling windows.

But even the most avid Nashville watcher is most likely unfamiliar with the abode’s other perks, which include four bedrooms and a whopping eight bathrooms.

And the show isn’t the home’s only claim to fame. A+D Museum cofounder Stephen Kramer designed the modern mansion, which was built back in 2008.

So, what if the new owner of the home refuses to let the show continue filming at the property? Show producers recreated the Belle Meade neighborhood property of Connie Britton’s character, Rayna James when it sold last year for $19.5 million, so we’re guessing Barnes won’t end up homeless any time soon.

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