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Apr 4, 2013

Peggy Sirota and Hayden Panettiere Glamour Scans

We have added some HQ scans from Hayden’s shoot with Peggy Sirota for Glamour Magazine, plus some outtakes and screen caps from the Glamour interview.


Hayden Panetierre has set off new rumors that she has gone under the knife and had breast implants as she was spotted frolicking on the beach in Miami last weekend in a skimpy two-piece bikini – but it wasn’t her toned figure that had everyone talking. Instead it was the star’s seemingly misshapen breast. Hayden appeared to have a clear dent in her cleavage and displayed ripples on her bust, an alleged sign of implants.

The Mail Online suggested the 23-year-old could have had a boost, writing: “her bust area also appeared slightly rippled, which is a known effect of saline-style breast implants.” Meanwhile, Hayden’s alleged boob job has also become a trending topic on Twitter, with numerous fans voicing their opinions. “I finally found something wrong w/Hayden Panettiere #UniBoob,” one person wrote, while another added: “Ha. I had no idea Hayden Panettiere had fake boobs.”

We have no idea if she has infact gone under the knife, but honestly, we don;t care.. she’s a beautiful, talented actress regardless of her boob size!

We will be added more photos from Hayden at the beach later today, along with new Nashville screencaps.

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