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‘Wild’ Student during her School Days

The 19-year-old star says that she loved her school days because it gave her the chance to behave irresponsibly and rebel.’I had a great high school experience,’ Contactmusic quoted her as saying.’I had a lot of fun and I was wild and went crazy and was reckless, but I didn’t have the traditional high school experience. I was going through home schooling,’ she added.Despite being taught at home rather than attending classes with her peers, Hayden says that she was fortunate that she did not miss out on the major milestones of school life.’I went to prom, and I went to homecoming, and I was in the yearbook. No crashing of cars. I went to games and all that good stuff,’ she said.The ‘Heroes’ actress had recently revealed that she would like to try her hand at directing.’Definitely, maybe someday. Someday, when I get my fill of acting for a bit,’ she said. ‘There’s a lot more to learn when it comes to becoming a director, but you have the experience of being an actor working with directors and getting to work with brilliant ones, and you get to take a lot from them,’ she added.

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