This is the page which often gets forgotten, but not for us, there are many people out there that have helped create Hayden Panettiere dot Com and make it what it is today.

My biggest thanks to those that have sent me news, scans, photos and videos to keep us up to date.

Thanks to Hayden, for being an inspiration to many young girls out there today. She is strong, talented and beautiful and its a privileged to have met you and watched your career grow.

A special thanks to Ashley from Kirsten Dunst Online for being our first ever host.

Audrey, you were a big help for a few months in 2005/6 and I wish you all the best with her own hayden website.

April and Linda, you have always been my inspiration in the weird and wonderful world of “fansites”.

TQO for all his Heroes related screencap donations – I know this takes a lot of time and patience.

Eduardo for helping me move to WordPress and giving Hayden-Panettiere.Com such beautiful designs.

And of course, thank you to my friends & family who have always supported my fansites, praised my layouts and encouraged me to be the best at whatever I do.