Version 14 (2014)

Again, huge thanks to Eduardo for this beautiful layout. Its so simple, yet calming and has a mature feeling about it which I think Hayden would like as shes going to be a mum now! I preferred the darker one before visually, but this one is much more user-friendly. And the most professional look we have had to date.

Version 13 (2014)

This layout did not stay up long enough in my opinion! It was absolutely beautiful – the only problem was as summer set in I could barely read the grey text on the black background. I was worried other fans may have a problem too, so kindly Eduardo changed the colours and updated the photoshoot and Version 14 was born.

Version 12 (2013)

Welcome WordPress! I know, I know, its about time. I finally made the move from cutenews over to WordPress, and oh how I am not a fan – well, I am, but not of making layouts for it. This is the best I could do, with Haydens Nylon photoshoot – it’s OK until I get a bit better at WordPress themes.

Version 11 (2011)

This was a very quick and easy fresh new look for the site to support the release of “Nashville”. We hadn;t gone “green” before so I used a fresh pallet and the photoshoot of Hayden as Juliette Barnes. All the “inside” pages were not linked.

Version 10 (2010)

I loved this racy image of Hayden from the “Tyler Shields” photoshoot in so ta-da we made it so instead of holding the “gun” she is holding the signage of Hayden-Panettiere.Com I’m not sure I like the Grey/Black&Pink – but it kind of worked?

Version 9 (2009)

I really liked the colours matched to this photoshoot image – I liked the patriotic Red, White & Blue. Great, happy shot of Hayden too. I kept each column the same size below, with 2 sidebars and a content column.

Version 8 (2008)

This was a really simple design that just featured a homepage and the gallery – at this time I didn’t have a lot of time to maintain the fansite so I kept the gallery open and just focused on adding new images.

Version 7 (2007)

The best part about this layout is the way I can change the flash banner so easily. This also created a whole new look each time new photographs are released. I wanted to go for a more unique ‘official’ feel for the website – rather than the traditional fansite graphics.

Version 6 (2005)

I have been meaning to get this design up for months now. However with finals over May, and graduation in June and moving in July, I was all stacked out. I finally move the entire site to a new host and everything is running perfectly in time for Heroes. I like this look.

Version 5 (2005)

Thanks so much to Linda from AboutJulia I have this beautiful layout design. I really loved this look, but it was simply time for a change.

Version 4 (2005)

I love the look and colours of this layout so much, I just thought it was a little slow loading and well, it was a little light too. But I do miss it, one of my best works so far.

Version 3 (2004)

I know its a bit bright – but I love it! Hayden is a bright young actress – new and exciting, and I wanted to covey this in the site! I hope you all like it, im gonna give it a solid 8.

Version 2 (2004)

I decided I wasn’t happy with the original design, so I was at it again, up until 4am getting this new design sorted for the launch…. well, i am pleased, very pleased in fact, its the more professional look.

Version 1 (2003)

Well, this is the very first, edition for, I am pleased with it, yeah. A little concerned about the fact that it is kind-of brown! but I think it works really well…. good first attempt anyway.