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Uh Oh – Wake Up Call Hayden?

“Heroes” star Hayden Panettiere has released a music video featuring her debut as bump-and-grind singer. The song is inoffensive enough. It’s a sugary pop tune, a la Jessica Simpson. But it will also double as a commercial for clothing and accessories maker Candie’s this fall. The song is called “Wake Up Call,” and it should be — for parents who don’t want to see their tweens drowned in crass commercialism. Needless to say, the critics are tearing it up. But give it a listen and rate it yourself! Panettiere, said the concept of the video is to give a guy who doesn’t treat his girlfriend well a wake up call and show him all the different aspects of a woman’s personality. Of course, Candie’s is the perfect fit because their styles are diverse and benefit the video, as they show off all the different sides of my character,” she said in a statement. The “Wake Up Call” video and the Candie’s commercial were shot in Los Angeles by famed music video director Chris Applebaum and the print campaign was shot by fashion photographer Giuliano Bekor and created by the Iconix in-house marketing team.The critics are understandably trashing the song. Here’s what one had to say on E! Entertainment: “Yes, I know we could all share a laugh about the Heroes star’s goat bleat ‘whoa-oh-oh-ohs’ and the song’s Paris Hilton-lite ‘reggae’ beat. Or we could talk about our common discomfort at watching the 18-year-old actress seductively swivel her hips, writhe her jeans over her visible red undies, and pull off an oddly accurate resemblance to Ashlee Simpson when she slips on that baggy black hoodie. But then we’d just be succumbing to the same bi-coastal media cabal that has given us a depressing baseline awareness of the “singing” careers of Heidi Montag, the sisters Simpson, and El Lohan Diablo.

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