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Tons of Pap’s Snaps…

It seem slike the paparazzi have snapped Hayden every day this week!! I have added over 50 new candids of Hayden mostly spotted in New York City. Thanks again to TQO for sending us our quality helping of Heroes Episode 21 caps. We also have 7 HQ untagged images from the Jim Wright shoot from last year… On Hayden’s Album, it’s true, the release date has been pushed back to August.04 x Sighting At Gramercy Park Hotel. May 8th 04 x Leaving the Martha Stewart Show. May 9th08 x Out & About. May 8th 08 x At LAX Airport with Mom May 7th 09 x Hayden goes out for lunch at Urth Cafe. May 6th44 x Spotted out with Mom. May 5th07 x TV guide/Jim Wright Outtakes45 x Heroes HDD Caps: Episode 21

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