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The Long Awaited…

Thanks Mikus for sending us a better quality version of the Got Milk? Ad. Plus this great Q&A. I also just added the FHM scans.. wow. Plus some candids from Hayden’s 18th! (Have a great UK Bank Holiday weekend everyone!) Q: How does drinking milk help you prepare for your role as a cheerleader with superhuman powers?The most important meal is breakfast. What you put in your body for the day and how you go through the day and eat and drink and the energy you get from it. And milk gives you a lot of energy, it gives you strong bones Q: What would you say to teens who look up to you as a role model about the importance of drinking milk?I believe in exercise I believe in being fit I believe in being healthy and I think milk is an incredible thing to put in your body. It gives you that protein that keeps you all of the above, lean, fit, active and enjoying your life. Q: How does it feel to be part of the iconic Milk Mustache campaign?I am so excited to be doing got milk? it’s amazing I was looking through the book and just seeing the people that have done it before me you know it was always something I grew up looking at but I just never realized how many people that I look up to have been involved with got milk?I’m really proud to be a part of things that involve strength that involve health that involve health in mind and body.Q: Why should teens check out is an incredible website you can check it out. You can see my behind the scene footage and other celebrities behind-the-scenes footage and you can figure out how to get your body by milk

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