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Nashville s03e07 Screencaps

We have added x170 HQ screencaps of Hayden in Nashville s03e07 “I’m Coming Home to You” to the gallery. Hayden is now fully showing her baby bump on screen for the first time in Nashville. Just a few weeks to go now… we hope this doesn’t effect the show too much and wish her all the best for a safe, happy birth.

Is Hayden having Twins?

Hayden is worried she is losing control of her pregnancy. Rumor has it that she is convinced she is having twins, because she is gaining too much weight to account for just one baby.

A source close to the pregnant bide-to-be told OK! Magazine that Hayden was getting so big that she was actually starting to get scared: “She was gobsmacked.

“Hayden has hinted to pals that she’s convinced there’s more than one baby, because she’s getting huge.

“It was unplanned… She’s terrified of the birth now.”

Klitschko Brothers’ Exhibition

Hayden Panettiere and fiance Wladimir Klitschko were at the opening of an exhibition-museum of the Klitschko brothers’ personal items and trophies in Kiev on June 1st, 2014, we have added 46x photos to the gallery. Neither Wladimir nor Hayden confirmed her pregnancy but they didn’t deny it either.

“Becoming a father has been my dream and Hayden’s dream for a long time already, but I won’t give any comments. I know one thing for sure: every dream in the end comes true, and we can see it on this exhibition’s example. So, I hope this can happen” – Wladimir