Rumor Buster… ;) (Heroes’ Claire with Brit’s ex?) – Hayden Panettiere dot Com

Rumor Buster… ;) (Heroes’ Claire with Brit’s ex?)

**Hayden was spotted at a Los Angeles restaurant with J.R. Rotem, the music producer who has been recently linked to pop star Britney Spears.**~~Rumors began to circulate because there is a paparazzi picture of Hayden and J.R. holding hands. Hayden insists that they are strictly professionals working on her album and that it was purely innocent despite rumors of her dating the 31 yr old producer. hahaha…. People can look at a picture and make all sorts of crazy assumptions. ~~ **Rotem and Panettiere were joined by High School Musical actress Ashley Tisdale. As paparazzi snapped pictures of the trio, Rotem pitched the girls’ upcoming albums–both actresses are releasing CDs soon.** ** “J.R Rotem produced a couple of my songs and it’s very exciting,” Hayden told Star that evening, at the Smashbox Cosmetics Holiday 2006/Brent Bolthouse Birthday Party at L.A.’s nightclub, at which she arrived with J.R. “I would say it’s rock but it’s really a mixture of everything.”** ** “Well, I find it hard to categorize songs,” she told Newsday. “It’s a mixture–probably pop rock. I co-wrote all the songs. It’s been a blast. I’m used to portraying people other than myself. Now it’s…it’s like giving people a little taste of me.” ** **not my comments (obtained from other sources.)~~My comments.

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