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Opens Up About Her Paparazzi Paranoia

Hayden Panettiere has become the ultimate tabloid chum. The Heroes actress has practically lived her whole life in the public eye since she entered the entertainment world at 11 months old. After a series of minor TV and movie roles, she landed the role of Claire Bennet on the NBC science fiction series where she has attracted even more attention than ever.One of the things tabloids have feasted on his Panettiere’s love life, starting with her relationship with Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia. Panettiere and Ventimiglia began dating in December 2007 though the couple denied the status of their relationship. Eventually, Ventimiglia confirmed that he was in fact dating his Heroes co-star during an interview on the BBC’s The Chris Moyles Show in April 2008. While some were pleased with their relationship, many were appalled – in part because of their 12-year age gap. Not for long, the couple called it quits after dating for a little over a year. Though Hayden says she’s now enjoying being single, having her relationship ups and downs play out in the press wasn’t easy. “When it comes to relationships, it’s nice to have something that is your own and not everyone else’s,” the Heroes star told Details magazine. “That’s not part of my job. I never stood up on a podium and said, ‘Vote for me – I’m perfect. I’ll be this for you and never do anything wrong.'”On the other hand, her relationships being the subject of the news is nothing compared to when her friends and family are being plagued by the media. Panettiere’s family has been thrust into the spotlight in August 2008, when her dad, Alan Panettiere, was arrested on suspicion of hitting the actresses’ mom. He was later charged with misdemeanor spousal battery and received two years of informal probation after pleading no contest.”It’s turned my life upside down and shaken it,” the actress said of the events. “It was very tough, especially since it’s my family. It’s one thing if you do it to me. I get frustrated, but I can handle it. But when it involves my family, my friends, forget it–I lose my… I learned the game. The more I react, the angrier I get, the more satisfaction they get. That’s exactly what they want.”

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