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Oh My Gooooodness!

Hey Everyone! Jess here.. OK, so a slightly cheeky plea coming. (Non Hayden related too I’m afraid). I am a HUGE of of the film Atonement. I fell in love with the film, James McAvoy, Keira.. the story.. and most of all….that beautiful green dress! I awoke this morning only to find that its actually up for charity auction! I almost fell off my chair! I wanted to ask any of you, please if you could spare a dollar or a pound to help donate to making Jess a very, very happy girl!!! I will try to bid, but I expect that it will go up to a ridiculous price.. but I would like to give it my best shot! Eeeeeeks! Thank you for you time in reading this. Just remember, it will make a dedicated webmiss extremely, extremely happy and grateful and the money all goes to a good cause too! :)Much Love, Jess.DONATE – HERE, ON THIS PAGE

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