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News Headlines

Golden Globes Heroes is nominated for a Golden Globe Award: Best Television Series – Drama. Tune in to see Hayden and the rest fo the cast. The show will air on NBC at 8pm EST. January 15th.Moving to Hollywood Hayden just made the move to L.A. with her parents and younger brother. Hayden says “I love the sun – that’s the great thing about L.A. But what I miss the most about New York is having my friends so close, right down the street, and not miles and miles away. I miss that typical, high school, low-key, house-party atmosphere. Where you can just hang out. Here you have to plan your days. It takes an hour just to get to your friend’s house.” We wish Hayden all the best in L.A. and hope she settles in ok.CD Release Date It’s now official!! Featurued in this week’s Billboard Magazine, Hayden’s debut album will be released on May 8, 2007 on Hollywood Records. Hayden has found time in her busy schedule to record an amazing array of tracks, and is writing and recording a couple more in the coming weeks.

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