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More Things….

I have added some rare images for you today, firstly a scan from Star Magazine featuring a mothers day special last year. Hayden and her mom, Lesley, spend the day at the Spa! I also found a HQ NBC Heroes Photoshoot and again a Huge thanks to TQO for the ‘Heroes’ caps from Monday’s episode. Unfortunately, it’s the last one until April 23. (Nearly 7 long weeks away!!)Also check out the answers to Hayden’s fan questions over at her myspace… PAGE ONE, PAGE TWO, PAGE THREE, PAGE FOUR.Hayden interestingly makes 6th place in Hollywoods young rich list!1. Olsen Twins ($40 million)2. Daniel Radcliffe ($13 million) 3. Lindsay Lohan ($6 million)4. Dakota Fanning ($4 million) 5. Hayden Panettiere ($2.5 million) 6. Amanda Bynes ($2.5 million)7. Vanessa Anne Hudgens ($2 million) 8. Abigail Breslin ($1.5 million) 9. Tyler James Williams ($1.2 million)10. Joanna “JoJo” Levesque ($1 million)

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