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Lots of news….

Thanks to the help of TQO we have some fantastic additions, including the scan from Parade Magazine. He also found a copy of the “I Still Believe” video…. and it’s the full video too, not the short version that Disney’s been showing. We will be adding this shortly, for now you can download it at the forum. Hopefully, TQO would have worked his magic and capped some super high quality screens from Hayden’s appearance in Heroes ‘The Fix’ on Monday. We also have some more scans from TVGuide and a video you can stream here. A little bit of random news is that Newcomer Scout Taylor-Compton apparently ‘beat out’ Hayden for the lead in Jamie Lee Curtis’ new ‘Halloween’ movie remake. However we think that Hayden probabaly turned it down for bigger and better things. heh :)Loren from CosomoGIRL has kindly informed us that Hayden is featured in the March issue, hitting newsstands on February 6th! Scans coming soon as we can.We have added an album to the gallery for the FX (Florida Extravaganza) event. Click here to see the images and click here to send in your photos!It’s rumored that the world premiere for Shanghai Kiss is going to be March 17th at the Castro Theater in San Francisco.Finally a heads up to all you UK FANS – Heroes will start February 19th at 10pm exclusively on Sci-Fi channel.!

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