JLS Aston Has Crush On Girls Can’t Catch, Hayden – Hayden Panettiere dot Com

JLS Aston Has Crush On Girls Can’t Catch, Hayden

Aston of JLS has revealed which girls he has a soft spot for. The 21-year-old ‘Beat Again’ star was asked who his celebrity crushes are, to which he revealed: “I’d like to wake up next to Hayden Panettiere, from ‘Heroes’. “But I’ve seen loads of nice girls recently,” said Aston, before admitting that a few girl band members have caught his eye – “Sophie from Dolly Rockers, and all of Girls Can’t Catch – I tell them that they are cute!”Merrygold – who is on tour with JLS at the moment – also revealed he has saucy dreams about females. He explained: “The other night I dreamed I was back in Los Angeles. We made the video for ‘Everybody In Love’ there and I dreamed I was still on set. I was reliving all the moments with my video girl. She was beautiful.”

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