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Jess see’s Hayden!

So… today I went down to the London Comic Con. My first impression was how un-glamorous the place was! But then I haven’t been to a comic con before… Hayden looked stunning, wearing a bright red dress with her hair pinned up (and a mass que surrounding her!) However, meeting her was a little disappointing, but understandable. Obviously she is busy and has hundreds of new people to meet every day. I reached the front of the line, and said – Hi Hayden, I’m Jess, the girl that runs Hayden-Panettiere.Com.. she replied ‘Ohh Hiii’.. but in a confused, who are you, what way? but none the less smiled.. I waved at Lesley behind her and Hayden mentioned to her who I was. I was a little sad because either they didn’t know what to say to me, or didn’t remember me (Hayden has previously done Q&A’s for the site and I was in regular contact with her mom over the years prior to the success of Heroes). Anyway, it was brief, slightly awkward, but they were both polite, huge smiles on their faces. I only wonder if they (especially Lesley) afterwards clicked on who I was! Eeek… not to worry though, she is extremely talented and deserves this site very much. I didn’t expect her to know who I was at all. I think I was probably spoilt by Kirsten’s reaction when we met! Thanks for the autograph Hayden, I hope you enjoyed your stay in London :) – I’ll update with pics tomorrow guys.

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