Find out Hayden’s favorite places in Nashville and if she plans to stay…

NL: Favorite spots to go out after shooting Nashville?
HP: We [the cast] all spend time together after hours, and most of us have made many friends in town outside of the show. But, Judith Hoag (who play’s Rayna’s sister Tandy on show) and I have become really good friends. I like sushi at Virago or a quiet dinner at Kayne Prime in the Gulch or to see a show at The Cannery or Mercy Lounge. I adore the Bluebird Café. It is like sitting around in a circle in someone’s living room listening to great stories and music. I also love that this is such a special place for songwriters, where they are truly appreciated for their craft and given credit. I also adore funky, super casual spots like the Treehouse at South Street and Santa’s Pub where there are no pretenses, and it is all about having a good time.

You might spot Hayden sampling the latest cocktails at Patterson House.
When we are working on the show, everyone works really, really hard. That is why when it is off season, I try to truly take a break from working. I love to travel to all kinds of places and experience other cultures. While I don’t have a favorite spot and am always trying to go somewhere new, I really do love to be on a beach.

NL: What are your music influences?
HP: Grew up listening to everything from rap to pop to country—I love it all. But country music influences from my youth are Willie Nelson, Allison Kraus and Union Station and Faith Hill. Now I am really expanding my country listening. I am a big fan of Pistol Annies’, Rascal Flatts, Jason Aldean, Miranda Lambert. And one artist that blows me away is Kacey Musgaves—a great singer and such a fantastic songwriter too.

NL: What do you think people misunderstand about you?
HP: People are so quick to judge from what they read or see on the internet. It is tough to deal with personal issues in the public eye. That is why I like how the series shows the stuggle between good and bad in Juliette Barnes, to show people that there are two sides and how tough it is to deal with being famous and being a person.

NL: Any plans to settle in Nashville or neighborhood you’re looking at?
HP: My first home in Nashville was at The Adelecia, but now I live near the fairgrounds on the upper floor of friends’ home. I want to be anywhere near the great friends I have made here.

NL: Describe your style?
HP: That’s another thing that I love about Nashville, I am in heaven in a tank and cut off jeans and it totally works almost everywhere here. No matter where you go it’s casual and people don’t judge you on your clothes. That is also why it is so fun to dress up for big events like awards. Most of the time everyone that you see in the music business is in jeans, so on a big night when everyone gets glammed up—it makes for a true ‘event’.

September 2013