1. Does Hayden have any social networking accounts?
Yes, you can follow her Official Twitter account here: twitter.com/haydenpanettier

2. Does Hayden have a boyfriend?
Yes, Hayden is engaged to professional heavyweight boxer Wladimir Klitschko (as of 2013) they have one child together (2014).

3. Is Hayden related to anyone in the acting industry?
Not really, no. But her mother Lesley (Vogel) had various small parts in soaps before she was married.

4. Is this Haydens official site?
No, just a fansite, made by fans for fans.

5. Do you have any contact with Hayden?
When we first opened the site in 2003 we were in email contact with her mother, and since then we have met her at a comic-con (2007) and interviewed her in London (2010) but we do not have contact with Hayden at present.

6. Who runs this fansite?
Jessica, an English girl that lives with her boyfriend and two cats.

7. Can we use the pictures from your gallery?
Yes. That is what the pictures are there for. Some are tagged and please don’t remove it but some aren’t so please if you use un-tagged ones give this site credit as we work really hard to bring you them and some rare ones may have been paid for out of our own money.

8. What will Haydens next movie be?
When we find out, you will be the first to know. Keep checking our career page and also imdb for movie casting news.

9. Can we be affiliates?
Sure, just real the rules and fill out the form here.

10. I love your theme/layout design, can you make one for my fansite?
Sure, if I;m not too busy, just email me at [email protected]