Hayden Leslie Panettiere was born on 21st August 1989 in Palisades, New York. Her parents are Lesley Vogel & Skip Panettiere, she has a younger brother called Jansen, born 1994. Her mom, Lesley got Hayden started iess by doing commercials when she was just 11 months old. Then at only 4 1/2 she was cast on the soap opera One Life To Live, where she remained until 1997. Since then, she has gone on to appear in many feature films and TV movies. Before Heroes Hayden was probably best known in the United States for her role as Lizzie Spaulding, whom she has portrayed since 1996, on the daytime drama Guiding Light.

Hayden has starred in Remember the Titans with Denzil Washington and Joe Somebody with Tim Allen. Hayden grew up in a suburb of New York City with her parents, younger brother, Jansen, and a houseful of animals. She recently made the move to Los Angeles because her role in Heroes demands her to be on set filming almost all week. When Hayden isn’t working, she enjoys hanging with her friends, singing, dancing, equestrian, volleyball, and has even tried her hand in surfing!

Hayden has been involved with many animated movies, beginning with A Bug’s Life (as Dot), later to follow was Dinosaur. Kingdom Hearts and The Mark of Kri, were also voice overs but for Playstation 2 Video Games. Hayden then joined the likes of Jessica Lang, Tom Wilkinson, Jane Anderson and Clacy Brown inNormal the movie about a midwestern husband and father that announces his plans to have a sex change operation, the movie made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival. Also in July 2003

Hayden appeared in a John Guare play called, “Landscape of the Body”, for the Williams town theatre festival, in Williamstown Massachusetts. Raising Helen co-staring with Kate Hudson, was a big hit for Hayden, opening the eyes of many young teenagers. The Dust Factory where she has the star lead as Melanie Lewis, Tiger Cruise co-staring Bill Pullman a movie based on the September 11th events did well as a tv movies. Hayden sang the movie theme song for the movie.

Racing Stripes has also been great for Hayden internationally. The movie was a big success for not just kids but adults too. Hayden recently released Disney’s Ice princess co-staring Michelle Trachtenberg, which made it to number 3 at the box office. Shortly after the TV Movie, Lies My Mother Told Me was released on Lifetime Television, Hayden co-stared with Joely Richardson.

Hayden starred in the independent film The Architect opposite Anthony LaPaglia and Isabella Rosselini which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, and Mr. Gibb for Kevin Spacey’s company, Triggerstreet. Hayden then landed the lead in teen movie Bring it On: All or Nothing, the sequel to Universal’s box office hit. Hayden plays the young love of Asian-American actor Ken Leung in the upcoming romantic comedy Shanghai Kiss which sadly is a straight to DVD movie.

Hayden achieved global success after being cast as Claire Bennet, a high school cheerleader in Odessa, Texas, who learns through trial-and-error that her flesh is indestructible. Heroes follows the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary abilities. This show was a huge success but although Hayden signed on for a 6 year contract, the show was cancelled after 4 seasons. Hayden won three consecutive Teen Choice Awards for Best TV Actress for her role. Hayden was then romantically linked to “Heroes” co-star Milo Ventimiglia.

Apart from the world of acting, and is is actively involved with the Save The Whales Campaign. In 2007, she participated in a dramatic protest against Japanese dolphin hunters, joining a group of activists who swam out into the ocean, placing themselves between the dolphins and fishermen in an attempt to stop a hunt. However, when the fishermen managed to evade the protest, Hayden was forced to flee the country in advance of Japanese police with a warrant for her arrest – a brush with the law strikingly different from those usually associated with young Hollywood stars.

Since the failed 2007 dolphin rescue mission, Hayden has been very active in promoting marine wildlife preservation campaigns. She has met with both Chelsea Clinton and President Barack Obama to discuss their stances on marine wildlife protection, and she operates a fundraiser called Panettiere’s Closest, where she regularly auctions off her old outfits to raise money for wildlife preservation campaigns.

Hayden is also the face of Neutrogena and has appeared in over 10 commercials promoting their various products. In 2008 Hayden fronted fashion brand Candie’s will help promoted her song “Wake Up Call” which went to Number 97 in the US Pop Chart even though it was only digitally released.

October 2008 saw the release of her latest film project Fireflies In The Garden, staring Julia Roberts. Hayden also released and starred in I Love You Beth Cooper which was filmed in Vancover. The film is based on bestselling novel by Larry Doyle. Hayden also gave her voice skills once again to Alpha and Omega with Christina Ricci and Dennis Hopper and replaced Anne Hathaway in Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil.

In July 2009, Hayden starred in the teen comedy I Love You, Beth Cooper. In September 2010, she was signed to star as Amanda Knox in the controversial Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy.

In April 2011, Hayden joined Emma Roberts and Neve Campbell and appeared in the Scream sequel, Scream 4, playing Kirby Reed. The same year she also starred in the direct to DVD movie, The Forger, in which she played the role of Amber opposite hearthrob and Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson.

By 2010, at just 21 years old Hayden has already enjoyed a two-decade career in show business that has seen her successfully transition from child star to teenage heartthrob to animal rights activist. Thrown into acting by her parents before she could speak a full sentence, Panettiere says that she remains an actress strictly for herself. “Now I am at the point where nobody is making me do what I am doing,” she says. “And I couldn’t imagine doing something else.” Hayden has ambitious acting goals for the future. She says, “I’ve always wanted to be a Meryl Streep or a Natalie Portman. I want to do all kinds of different movies, to be a chameleon. I don’t want to limit myself.”

After breaking up with her Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia in February 2009 she dated heavyweight boxing world-champion Wladimir Klitschko. She was ringside for his knockout victory over Samuel Peter on September 11, 2010. The actress confirmed on May 12, 2011 that she and Klitschko had broken up amicably after two years together. Both cited the long-distance nature of their relationship as the reason, and said they would remain close friends. She then went on to date NFL player Scotty McKnight from June 2011 to December 2012. In Fenruary 2013 she was photographed getting cosy with Klitschko again, and there are rumors they’re back on again.

Hayden has a tattoo of the Italian words Vivere senza rimipianti [sic] running down her left side. The word rimpianti is misspelled in what otherwise would mean “Living Without Regrets”. She followed a vegetarian diet while she starred in Heroes but has since added chicken and fish to her diet, stating that she “didn’t respond well” to a vegetarian diet, and she had “low-energy”.

In March 2012 it was announced Hayden had been cast opposite Connie Britton on the upcoming ABC musical drama pilot Nashville and will portray Juliette Barnes. In May 2012 ABC bought the pilot as a series. The series reunites Hayden with Burgess Jenkins from Remember the Titans. Critics couldn’t get enough of the show and it was headlined as “compelling”, “terrific” – in fact, it was “the best-written TV series of the fall”.  Hayden plays a bitchy young upstart with a voice like an auto-tuned Barbie doll. In 2012 Hayden was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress – Series, Miniseries or Television Film – in the end she lost out to Maggie Smith for “Downton Abbey”. She has recorded several songs for Nashville, released as singles and on the show’s soundtrack.

“I’m the epitome of surprise and shocked!” Hayden Panettiere said of her first Golden Globe nomination. Hayden said she felt a mix of emotions after waking up early for the first batch of nominations and went back to sleep, only to receive a call shortly afterward from her long-time manager. “I didn’t know whether to bawl hysterically or jump up and down on the bed so I decided to do both,” .

A movie titles Over The Wall has been in pre production status for nearly 2 years where she is supposed to star opposite Melissa Leo, Freddy Rodríguez and Sebastian Stan. The drama, thriller is a powerful story that tests the boundaries of true love after one tragic event rips apart the lives and relationships of four closely intertwined people. Filming was set for Summer 2013 but never happened, we are unsure if this title has been dropped completely or just postponed.

In October 2013, Hayden announced her engagement to Klitschko, which had been rumored since the summer. Hayden designed her (Montblanc) 6-carat diamond ring.

Hayden was again nominated that year for another Emmy and Season 3 of Nashville was picked up and had its premiere in October 2014.

Hayden was snapped on holiday with Wladimir  and appeared to be gaining some weight – rumors appeared that she was pregnant but it wasn’t until The Emmy Awards that she spoke openly about it. She also (accidentally) revealed the sex of the baby “I can’t wait for her to come out, this little one,” Hayden gushed to E! Presenter Giuliana Rancic asked “Oh,It’s a girl?”. “I think I just said that, didn’t I?” Panettiere replied. “Yes, it’s a little girl.”

We all wondered how Nashville would handle with her real-life pregnancy, and fans were pleased to see the “pregnancy” story line play out for Juliette too.


Updated October 2014