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I Love You Beth…. Trailer!

Thanks Dasha for pointing out the movie trailer with Hayden for “I LOVE YOU, BETH COOPER” that is coming on screens on July 10th. There’s buzz in Tinseltown surrounding Hayden Panettiere’s upcoming big screen gig called I Love You, Beth Cooper. In the comedic film adaptation of screenwriter Larry Doyle’s romantic coming-of-age story, Panettiere will play the hot cheerleader role once again, but this time, she’ll have the pom poms without the superpowers. The Hollywood “It Girl” will play the high school bombshell who becomes the object of a nerdy valedictorian’s obsession.In addition to the trailer, there’s an interactive application feature that allows you to create your very own trailer and to share with your friends via MySpace, Facebook, email and other social media channels. Although the movie is months away from its July 10th release, the I Love You, Beth Cooper website is definitely worth checking out in the meantime. http://iloveyoubethcoopermovie.com

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