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I Don’t Pretend to be Perfect

Hayden Panettiere may seem like she’s the perfect package, but that’s not the image she’s trying to get across. Yes, she plays the cute cheerleader on Heroes, and always looks great when she’s photographed, but Hayden insists that she has her flaws just like the rest of us. “Look, I never pretend to be perfect. I will never in a million years say I’m perfect and don’t make mistakes or do silly things or what people would consider inappropriate, of course I do,” the Heroes hottie told Hollyscoop exclusively at the Whaleman Foundation event at Beso in Hollywood. She added, “I am not perfect and I did not stand up on a podium saying, ‘Vote for me! I want to be your role model!’ It’s very flattering and its wonderful to be involved in something where younger kids and adults want to look up to me, slash know what I’m doing everyday and have that inspired them to do something whether it be the ocean or anything else. It’s exciting and flattering, but I would never want anyone to hold me to that standard, to hold me to being perfect or flawless in any way because I definitely have my flaws.” Hayden definitely has her act together when it comes to maturity. She is only 20-years old and she has such a successful career and spends her free time helping the environment. She was also sweet enough to give us some tips on what we can do to help the environment, which is something very important to her. Hayden told Hollyscoop, “Well, first of all its about helping the whole planet; with conserving electricity and all of the above. Its also things such as talking to your friends about going diving or going online to research things. I grew up in NY on the Hudson River, we never went diving or scuba diving so I did not know a lot about oceans until I got involved with this; until I saw what an incredible and beautiful place it is. You can’t truly devote yourself until you see it. When you are walking down a dirty street you won’t think twice about throwing a gum wrapper on the floor, you think ‘What is this one gum wrapper going to do its already dirty’; but if you walk down a clean street you will think twice about it. So we want people to know and realize that they can make an impact.” We love all the tips from Hayden! Not only is she a style icon, but she’s a great role model when it comes to doing your part to clean up the planet. That may not be perfect, but it’s pretty darn close!

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