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Hayden says she is ‘absolutely not dating’ Mark Sanchez

Hayden Panettiere’s publicist was very adamant at the Vans Custom Culture Contest Finale in Manhattan on Thursday night that her client not be asked any personal questions (i.e. about her possibly dating New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez).Thankfully Panettiere had no such compunction and was happy to address the Sanchez rumors, which sprung up after the two were spotted grabbing lunch from In-N-Out Burger in Laguna Beach, Calif. on Memorial Day.”We are absolutely not dating!” Hayden said at the event at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, where she was judging a competition/art showcase of custom shoe designs from high school students from across the country.”Mark Sanchez is just a good friend of mine,” the former ‘Heroes’ star clarified. “I’m not dating him. I am a huge Jets fan and I was lucky enough to have friends introduce us but genuinely absolutely nothing is going on. The two of us go out with a group of friends and they cut everybody else out of the picture except for us.”Then she added slyly, “And if I am lying, you know the truth will come out.”

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