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Hayden Panettiere’s director plan

Hayden Panettiere wants to direct a film .The ‘I Love You, Beth Cooper’ actress says she is willing to put her acting career on hold for a long period of time in order to explore a different aspect of the movie industry.She said: “I would love to direct at some point. Directing is something I would very definitely want to take a major break from acting to do because you have to live with the project for so long afterward. I wouldn’t want to spend myself too thin, I want to dedicate my time and my energy to that, and eventually maybe down the road that will happen.”Despite her ambitions, the ‘Heroes’ star is not ready to give up acting yet as she still enjoys getting to work with new people and learning new things about herself.She added: “I always enjoy the travelling, the working with new people and the eventually down the road what you wind up learning from those people. Every time I work with somebody and travel to a different place your experiences make up who you are.”I may not be able to tell you right now who I am, but down the road I’ll get to look back and go, ‘Oh that’s who I was’ and I was that because of ‘x, y and z’ I was that because of all the wonderful experiences and roles that I’ve played, and the people I’ve gotten to work with and the places I’ve travelled, it’s not too shabby.”

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