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Hayden Panettiere Meets Boyfriend Scotty McKnight’s Family

There may be nothing more nerve-wracking than meeting the parents. Ask Gaylord Focker! That is exactly what Hayden Panettiere did recently with short-time boyfriend, Scotty McKnight. Who doesn’t like to be pranced in front of the parents like an animal at auction, especially if you have only been dating the guy for a couple of weeks?Actually, it probably is not that bad. Think, if Scotty did not believe Hayden was worthy to bring around his family, would he introduce her to them… just weeks into a relationship? The answer there is probably yes, too. Who wouldn’t want to show off your hot celebrity girlfriend to your relatives?According to TMZ, Hayden Panettiere accompanied McKnight to a special retirement party being thrown for his father. She apparently played with the kids a bit. Perhaps by playing with the kids, she was avoiding being on the receiving end of 20-questions with the adults.Hayden was sure to get plenty of questions; however, as the couple went out for cocktails after the retirement bash. How did the McKnight family take Hayden Panettiere? It sounds like the actress got rave reviews, even after dating Scotty for such a short time.

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