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Hayden Panettiere Declared Herself

Hayden declared herself a bit of a diva at a special Declare Yourself party in Hollywood. The Heroes actress – who was supposed to be the evening’s VIP spokeswoman, there to encourage young people to vote – kept the press waiting for over two hours.When she finally arrived she only talked to a handful of reporters about the cause before opting to go inside and catch up with her friends. Shrugging her shoulders, the most she said on her way into the party was: “I’m a democrat.”Without her giant Yves Saint Laurent shoes it would have been hard to even spot the small star’s arrival on the red carpet outside The Greendoor club in Hollywood. Wearing black skinny Fendi trousers and a sparkling MLH top the actress looked classy, if a bit plain.Despite somewhat failing to give out the message that youngsters in the US should vote she seemed more prepared to talk about herself.When asked about America’s stalling economy, sounding slightly holier-than-thou the actress said we should all be more green to save money: “I never leave the TV on.”Every time I leave the house I put the heat up so the air con won’t go on, because why are you cooling your house when you’re not there?”It’s completely unnecessary and it’s such a waste. I was raised recycling, I always recycle.”

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