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Hayden not happy with Scream 4 changes…

As excited as most of us are for the film, I think it needs to be said that disappointment is imminent here. Think about it : Kevin Williamson, who wrote the first two “Scream” films, was fired from this one about 3 weeks into filming – only to be replaced by Ehren Kruger, the gun-for-hire behind the abysmal “Scream 3” (suggesting either significant cost cutting on the production or Bob and Harvey’s keenness not to make a movie less like the witty, somewhat suspenseful first two “Scream” movies and something more playful and jokey like “Scream 3”); cast members were leaving as early as two days into the production (Lauren Graham’s quick exit was rather odd); rumours have surfaced that some of the actors involved (including Hayden Panettiere) aren’t happy with changes that have been made to the script or his or her characters, and based on his “I don’t have control over the script” tweet from a few weeks back, Wes Craven’s not entirely happy with how things are going either.

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