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Hayden kissed a girl..

Hayden Panettiere found kissing a girl “exciting”.The 20-year-old actress had no problem locking lips with Madeline Zima, who plays Hayden’s character Claire Bennet’s roommate Gretchen Berg on US TV show ‘Heroes’, as she thinks it’s something lots of girls do.Hayden said: “It’s very exciting! When you are young, you experiment and you have fun. It truly is a person that she just falls in love with, because she fulfills her and she is her best friend.”Hayden was so keen to shoot the sexy scene, which aired in America last night (12.10.09), she suggested it to script writers.She explained: “I kind of threw it out there. The writers put you in relationships and I was like, ‘Can I just be with a girl or something? Let’s do that.’ So they took it and ran with it.”Hayden has previously spoken about her own lesbian experiences, admitting she “experimented” with her female pals when she was younger.She said: “It’s great to be single. It’s great to have boyfriends. Or girlfriends. There are occasions when you kiss your best friend growing up, having fun and goofing about. Like perfecting your technique.”

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