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Hayden gets a boost in the bust

Hayden Panettiere may still have some growing to do. But it seems the makers of her new film couldn’t wait as they decided to mess with mother nature.It seems that the film company decided the 19-year-old Heroes starlet needed a helping hand in the bust area as Hayden is seen on the poster advertising her new film I Love You Beth Cooper with a decidedly fuller bust.The petite actress was recently seen in Cannes frolicking with T4 presenter Steve Jones in an orange and white animal print bikini which revealed her true bustline.However, new posters for the teen flick showed a considerably boosted Hayden in a white vest.Clearly the publicity machine couldn’t wait for Hayden’s latest growth spurt and opted to digitally enhance her flat chest.In the film, a nerdy high school graduate proclaims his love for the hottest and most popular girl in school

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