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Don’t mess with Hayden

Jack Coleman has warned paparazzi not to mess with his on-screen daughter Hayden Panettiere. Heroes actor Jack admitted he gets just as protective of Hayden in real life as his character Noah Bennet is of her character Claire on the show.As the cast received the Hollywood Legacy Community award at the Esquire House in Los Angeles, Jack didn’t mince his words when it came to speaking about the 19-year-old: “Yeah, I’m very protective of her.”She’s in the spotlight, it’s a tough position she’s in and she handles it with incredible grace, much more so than I would.” He jokingly added: “I’d be decking people left and right if they talked to me the way they talk to her.”The actor had a few damning words for the tabloids: “It’s not a secret the way the publicity game is set up, it’s completely obsessed with young women or girls and the idea is to basically destroy them.”Jack also explained how some of the pap attention Hayden has to endure is beyond belief: “It’s predatory, it really is and it’s amazing to watch”.Hayden has also praised celebrities for getting involved in the upcoming U.S. presidential election – insisting their influence has brought politics to a new generation.The campaign has been littered with celebrity endorsements, with stars including Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, Jay-Z, Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson all encouraging young people to cast their votes. And 19-year-old Panettiere is convinced that all of the extra publicity has been a great help to both candidates.She says, “One of the major reasons why, especially young people, have come out and done so much to play a part in this election – and who are really getting out there and voting this time around – is because of the celebrity endorsements, because of how popular this election has become, and how much in the news, and how much it’s taken over, you know, our society.”

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