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Hayden Panettiere’s Cotton Inc. Ad – Watch

Lending her vocal talents to a new career venture, Hayden Panettiere is the newest celebrity to star in a cotton ad campaign. The adorable “Nashville” actress strolls around the streets in the “fabric of our lives” from brands including Missoni, Valetino, Anthropologie while her twainy-tune plays in the background of the colorful commercial.

“It’s a lot easier to play a character on TV than to play yourself, even in a thirty-second commercial,” Panettiere said in a release. “I mean, off the set, I am basically a blue jeans kind of girl—as long as they’re cotton, of course.”

Check out the x38 HQ Screencaps from the Ad here. Hayden isn’t the only actress to star in the ad campaigns. Zooey Deschanel, Emmy Rossum and Kate Bosworth all showed off their singing talents for the lifestyle brand over the past few years.

Check out x134 screencaps from Nashville s01e17 over in the gallery.


Hayden covers “Stella” Magazine

Hayden Panettiere bounds across the lobby of a deeply fashionable New York hotel. She waves and grins broadly before settling into an armchair and seizing the cocktail menu. ‘You’re British, you’ll drink with me,’ she declares. At just 23 years old, the actress could justifiably be claiming her carriage clock by now. Panettiere was a millionaire before she was out of her teens, thanks in part to her award-winning role as Claire Bennet, a cheerleader with healing powers in the sci-fi series Heroes.

She spent most of her formative years on sets instead of at school, appeared in adverts by the time she could walk and talk, and landed her first full-time role in a television soap opera aged four. Since the winter sun is just about over the yard-arm, I join Panettiere in accepting the waiter’s recommendation of a couple of potent-sounding creations. Just 5ft 1in, and sporting skinny jeans, an orange sweater and brown fur-lined boots, she is so fresh-faced she looks barely old enough to be quaffing cocktails.

But Panettiere appears to have pulled off the notoriously tricky transition from child and teenage stardom to serious adult acting with aplomb. Earlier this year she earned a Golden Globe nomination for her role as the catty, conniving country-music singer Juliette Barnes in the new More4 drama Nashville. It’s a gratifyingly grown-up part for Panettiere. With her bad-girl persona, sequinned dresses and eye-wateringly tight denim hotpants, Barnes is a delicious departure from the good girls the actress is used to playing.

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We have added x3 photos from the mag, they’re only small, we will update you with scans as soon as possible.


Hayden in NYC for Jimmy Fallon

Hayden was in New York City to promote Nashville on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Friday (March 15). The 23-year-old actress wore Iwona Ludyga Design bracelets and a Leon Max single breasted cape and chatted with Jimmy Fallon about her new hit show. Earlier in the day, Hayden signed autographs for some awaiting fans while arriving her hotel in Soho. On the same day, Hayden was all bundled up warm, while holding a big envelope.


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New Gallery Additions

We have added a ton of new images to the gallery (more to come) just filling in the gaps where we missed some things last year! Hayden also attended an event over the weekend for Nashville.

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