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Hayden on set of a new photoshoot

Hello Hayden fans. As Scream VI film release is getting closer, Hayden is getting ready to promote the film.

On Monday, January 23, Hayden was spotted on set of a new photoshoot for a magazine at the beach, in Malibu.

DoingPhotoshoot_Malibu_January2023_28329.jpg DoingPhotoshoot_Malibu_January2023_28429.jpgDoingPhotoshoot_Malibu_January2023_28529.jpg DoingPhotoshoot_Malibu_January2023_28729.jpg

2023 > Doing a photoshoot at a Beach in Malibu | January 23

Later this month, Hayden and her team shared on Instagram getting ready to start her promo for the film.

ScreamVI_Press_January2023_28129.jpg ScreamVI_Press_January2023_28229.jpg ScreamVI_Press_January2023_28129.jpg ScreamVI_Press_January2023_28229.jpg

 2023 > Scream VI Press Tour | January 27

Hayden Panettiere talks the return of Kirby to EW

Scream VI also sees the return of Hayden Panettiere‘s horror movie-loving Scream 4 character and fan favorite Kirby Reed, who was last seen twitching in a pool of her own blood after being stabbed by Rory Culkin’s villainous Charlie Walker.

She’s come a long way,” says Panettiere of Kirby. “What happened to her has obviously impacted her life, and it sends her in a certain direction, but she’s still the same old Kirby at the heart of it. She’s just a little older, a little wiser, but just as spitfire-y, and snarky, and all that good stuff.”

The actress admits that it was a little strange entering a situation in which she was both a veteran of the franchise and a new kid to the current Scream set-up.

Yeah, I felt a little left out,” says the Heroes and Nashville star. “It’s true. I did feel a little like I had to find my way back into the new group because that crew had done the prior film. But they were all so welcoming. It was interesting, they made me part of their family that I had already been a part of. [Laughs] So it was like an estranged aunt came back into the fold!


‘Scream VI’ Official Trailer + Promotional Material

Paramount Pictures dropped the official trailer for Scream VI on Thursday, January 19, 2023, and it promises some intense jump-scare horror.

The trailer also shows the return of Hayden Panettiere’s character Kirby Reed, last seen in Scream 4.

I’ve managed to add some promotional material to the gallery. Enjoy!

ScreamIV_Stills_2023.jpg ScreamIV_Stills_2023.jpg ScreamIV_Stills_2023.jpg ScreamIV_Stills_2023.jpg

ScreamIV_BTS_2023.jpg ScreamIV_BTS_2023.jpg ScreamIV_BTS_2023.jpg ScreamIV_BTS_2023.jpg

ScreamIV_Posters_2023.jpg ScreamIV_Posters_2023.jpg ScreamIV_Posters_2023.jpg ScreamIV_Posters_2023.jpg

ScreamIV_PromotionalMaterial_2023.jpg ScreamIV_PromotionalMaterial_2023.jpg ScreamIV_PromotionalMaterial_2023.jpg ScreamIV_PromotionalMaterial_2023.jpg

(2023) “Scream VI > Production Stills

(2023) “Scream VI > Behind the Scenes

 (2023) “Scream VI > Posters

(2023) “Scream VI > Key Art Promotional


Scream VI director talks the return of Hayden Panettiere

The Montreal-shot Scream VI will also see the return to the franchise of Hayden Panettiere, who became a fan favorite for her performance as Kirby Reed in Scream 4.

She was wonderful. She was really great,” says Gillett. “It was fun to have her around to tell us about Scream 4. She had a lot of great stories she got to share. It’s that Scream family; it’s continuing to grow for us.”