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August 29, 2013

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New Hair @ Letterman

Hayden stepped out with a gorgeous new haircut – blonde and bangs! Go Hayden. She was snapped outside the Letterman show, check out the video below…


August 27, 2013

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Nashville Season 2 Press Conference

Hayden attended a press conference for Nashville Season 2 …


Environmental Media Awards

Hayden and Matt Damon are to be honored for their dedication to ecological issues at the upcoming Environmental Media Awards. Damon will be recognised with the Ongoing Commitment Award for his work with Water.org, the organisation he co-founded that aims to bring safe water and sanitation to Third World countries, while actress Panettiere has been named the 2013 recipient of the Futures Award, which is given to young stars who have the potential to become environmental activists. She is active with conservation group the Whaleman Foundation.

The awards gala will be geld in Burbank, California in October (13).

August 22, 2013

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1 Photoshoot Add

We have added a new photo from the stunning Michael Sterling Eaton Photoshoot…

Hayden turns 24!

It’s Hayden’s birthday today – don’t forget to tweet #HappyBirthdayHayden (Thanks Torpian)

We have also added 3 photos by Emily Buckingham to the gallery… take a peek.


August 17, 2013

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Hayden loves UK shopping sprees

The Nashville actress was born in New York City and her style has been influenced by living in the Big Apple. Hayden sports laid back looks like T-shirts and jeans from American stores, such as J Brand. She says when she’s travelling to the UK, she’ll also take the opportunity to hit her favourite London based shops too.

“I love Topshop and Mulberry. I carry my Mulberry purse everywhere and, when I’m in London I have so much fun running around Harrods,” she gushed to the latest edition of UK magazine Company. “In LA, you have to be conscious of your style. Not like in the UK. I love it that you can go for it and do anything – and actually have fun with fashion!”

The 23-year-old enjoys trying out new trends and following fashions. Hayden discussed the custom-made accessories she’s received from her friend which she loves at the moment.

“My best friend works in fashion. One of my oldest friends, Allie, has a jewellery line called ChainGangLA,” she explained. “She makes beautiful necklaces for me with stunning charms and beads.”

When it comes to her hair the blonde beauty says she struggles to tame her unruly corkscrew locks. She previously revealed she’ll often slick it back into a ponytail to avoid the battle getting it into a style.

“I have naturally corkscrew curly hair which can be great but only for a little while but if one piece comes undone on that red carpet all you need is one bad picture and then you are in trouble,” she giggled.

“I am all about easy and that’s this style. After a while if you have been working in industry for years then you’re just like ‘you know what – the easier the better’.”

August 16, 2013

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THAT’s a massive diamond Hayden?

More engagement rumors sparked by a giant ring shown on her finger at LAX airport this week… check out the photos here.


Looking cute and comfy in a gray tank top, jeans and a Chanel belt, the 23-year-old actress stopped to sign autographs and didn’t seem to hide the massive diamond bauble as she clutched her phone and kindly interacted with fans.

She also showed off the apparent engagement bling on Twitter, posting a pic with her pal where her ring is on full display.

“You killed it last night beauty @KaceyMusgraves,” she captioned the photo, making no mention of her jewelry piece or the secret engagement reports.

This isn’t the first time the Nashville star and her Ukrainian boxer boyfriend have found themselves at the center of rampant engagement rumors.

In May, the blond beauty denied the rekindled couple had plans to tie the knot, flashing her left hand while telling E! News ”no ring” at the Billboard Music Awards.

August 5, 2013

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Robert Ascroft Shoot

We have added another photoshoot with Connie Britton for Nashville, taken by Robert Ascroft earlier in the year..