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Hayden loves UK shopping sprees

The Nashville actress was born in New York City and her style has been influenced by living in the Big Apple. Hayden sports laid back looks like T-shirts and jeans from American stores, such as J Brand. She says when she’s travelling to the UK, she’ll also take the opportunity to hit her favourite London based shops too.

“I love Topshop and Mulberry. I carry my Mulberry purse everywhere and, when I’m in London I have so much fun running around Harrods,” she gushed to the latest edition of UK magazine Company. “In LA, you have to be conscious of your style. Not like in the UK. I love it that you can go for it and do anything – and actually have fun with fashion!”

The 23-year-old enjoys trying out new trends and following fashions. Hayden discussed the custom-made accessories she’s received from her friend which she loves at the moment.

“My best friend works in fashion. One of my oldest friends, Allie, has a jewellery line called ChainGangLA,” she explained. “She makes beautiful necklaces for me with stunning charms and beads.”

When it comes to her hair the blonde beauty says she struggles to tame her unruly corkscrew locks. She previously revealed she’ll often slick it back into a ponytail to avoid the battle getting it into a style.

“I have naturally corkscrew curly hair which can be great but only for a little while but if one piece comes undone on that red carpet all you need is one bad picture and then you are in trouble,” she giggled.

“I am all about easy and that’s this style. After a while if you have been working in industry for years then you’re just like ‘you know what – the easier the better’.”

Hayden misses out on Emmy Nomination

Unfortunately Hayden was snubbed this year and wasn’t nominated for an Emmy Award. Hayden’s Juliette Barnes was nominated for a Golden Globe earlier this year. It was very much expected that the Emmy nominations would follow suit, though that wasn’t the case. Connie Britton was again nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series.

Juliette had such an amazing season, showing a lot of growth and struggle that made her character so dynamic, but Rayna and her amazing hair apparently stole the show, with her divorce and baby daddy drama.

There is semi-good news for Hayden, however. “Nothing In This World Will Ever Break My Heart Again,” the heartbreaking song she performed in the Season 1 finale, was nominated for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics. Many of Hayden’s performances from this season were so memorable, and her character development was amazing — but apparently the Academy thinks Connie is more deserving.


We have also added an adorable baby photo of Hayden and her Dad, skip. Plus a cute Neutrogena Ad/Scan.


Yorkshire Evening Post Interview

Found a cute interview with the Yorkshire Evening Post..

Actress Hayden Panettiere, who is best known for playing cheerleader Claire Bennet in BBC Two supernatural hit Heroes, has recently revived her love of singing for her role as rising country singer Juliette 
Barnes in More4 drama Nashville.

The actress grew up in the industry, being cast in a role in US soap opera One Life To Live aged four, before rising to international acclaim in Heroes.

In between, she dabbled with pop music, releasing a single, Wake Up Call, in 2008, as well as lending her voice to the soundtracks of her early films, one of which, 1999’s A Bug’s Life Read-Along, resulted in a Grammy nomination.

Nowadays, country music occupies Panettiere’s professional and personal life. She plays singing upstart Juliette, who is persuaded to let fading queen of country Rayna Jaymes (played by Connie Britton) open her concert to give Rayna a last shot at fame and Juliette some much-needed credibility.

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